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  • Silicon Wafer

    Polished, Annealed, Expitaxial, Low COP and COP Free types are lined up in sizes 8 inch and 12 inch. Reclaim wafer and dummy wafer are also handled.

  • Slurry

    This is slurry for polishing GMP. It is excellent in abrasive characteristic and can address micro wiring fabrication for semiconductor device uses. We have other products available for uses other than in semiconductor devices.
    Image provided by Showa Denko Materials Co.,Ltd

  • Dicing Tape

    This tape is used to protect and fixate a wafer in the dicing process of semiconductor wafers and hold it till the pick-up process.
    Image provided by Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.

  • Die Bonding Film

    This is die bonding film for semiconductor. Die bonding film single-layered product and dicing tape-integrated die bonding film are both lined up.
    Image provided by Showa Denko Materials Co.,Ltd

  • Die Bonding Paste

    This is a die bonding paste for semiconductor excellent in adhesion to various types of base materials. Respective types for organic substrates and lead frames are lined up.
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  • Seal Material

    This is an epoxy resin molding material for sealing semiconductors. Excellent in resistance to solder reflow. We also handle cleaning sheet materials for removal of stains on the die.
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  • Package Substrate

    We provide a substrate for flush memory, system LSI, sensor and others (thin rigid substrate). We provide a thin micro wiring substrate for CSP, camera modules, PBGA, etc.

  • COF

    This is a component to connect a display panel loaded onto a smart phone or television with a driving chip or with a main substrate. A fine pitched COF and a two-layered COF are also handled.


  • Capillary

    A capillary is a consumable tool used with a wire bonding device and is a precision machined component designed and manufactured in tune with the product subject to bonding. In addition to ruby and ceramic, we promote development of a new material.

  • Sticky Mat

    A sticky mat used in a clean room, etc. and other clean products are lined up.

  • Clean Clothes and Boots

    Products in Class 100 and above are lined up. We can procure and supply clothes from fabric. We have a lot of experience in deliveries to leading semiconductor manufacturers (Asia, Europe, etc.). We can accept design custom upon request.

  • Filters

    Filters are used in the manufacturing process (filtration separation) of products such as semiconductor and liquid crystal display. They are also used for food-related filtration. Air filters and process filters are handled.