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  • ACF

    TCP for FPC/for PWB/for COG/for COP/for COF. An adhesive dispersed with conducting particles allows for a packaged connection of numerous electrodes.
    Image provided by Showa Denko Materials Co.,Ltd

  • Glass Cloth

    This is a buffer coated with fluorine resin used for ACF thermocompression.

  • Dampproof Insulating Material

    This is a coating material for dampproof insulation at the ACF connected electrodes. The excellent dampproof property protects connected electrodes, demonstrating great improvement in corrosivity of electrodes, thus contributing to enhancement of reliability of equipment.
    Image provided by Showa Denko Materials Co.,Ltd

  • QD Film

    This is an optical film with the use of quantum dots of semiconductor particles that can convert the wavelength of the light. By being incorporated into the backlight module of the liquid crystal display, the film is more energy efficient and can display more colorful images than the conventional technology.
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  • OCA, OCR

    This is a glue film with enhanced visibility of the liquid crystal module and shock resistance. It is used to glue glass for liquid crystal to a touch panel as well as a touch panel to a liquid crystal module.

  • FPC

    We are ready for all sorts of production from trial production to mass production of one-sided FPCs to multiple-layered FPCs, flexible and rigid boards, two-sided shielded products and so on upon request from domestic and overseas manufacturers.

  • LGP

    It has the role of spreading the light brought in from a side, spreading it uniformly on the surface and deriving it to the front face. As there is no need to place a fluorescent lamp on the back by using a light guide plated as the panel, a thin, even and efficient panel can be produced.

  • Clean Room Supplies

    Clean wipers etc. and disposables and supplies used in a clean room are lined up.

  • Various Types of Protection Film

    Film for protection of liquid crystal panel
    1. Functional film products for diversified uses are lined up.
    2. We are proceeding with development for various uses as new functional materials.
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  • Resin-related

    Reactive hot melts, light shielding resin, etc. are applied to edge faces, etc. of LCD panels.
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  • Silicon Rubber

    This is a buffer used for ACF thermocompression.

  • Target Materials

    Target materials for various types of sputtering are marketed. We propose metal wiring materials for LCD and OLED panels, etc. as well as target materials made of various compositions such as for use in oxide semiconductors.