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Handling of others

Handling of others

  • Coating Materials for Building Metallic Panels

    High hardness transparent glass coating "99D Coat" protects the metallic surfaces from stains, acid rain, etc. and maintains the beauty. It can retain resistance to climate conditions and antifouling property for a longer time, compared to fluorinated coating materials.

  • Food Wrap

    "Hitachi Wrap", No. 1 sales in Japan among professional small wraps 
    Types such as antibacterial one and blue wrap (against foreign matter) are lined up.
    Image provided by Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.

  • Fat splitting agent 'Nano Clean'

    We cannot think of an oil-free life, but the source of grease is oil.' Oil is essential to modern life. Contributed oil is regarded as a nuisance that causes grease. This is a highly biodegradable detergent that processes this grease safety and environmental-friendly.

  • Crime Prevention Buzzers

    We are capable of planning, design and total services from design to package for design, trial production and a product in small quantities. Please feel free to contact us for production of an original buzzer.