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Privacy policy

1. Your personal information filled in on this site will be used to send printings and other communication by post or e-mail (transmittal of materials) or reply to your question.

2. Without your prior permission, all personal information (name, address, telephone number, description of your inquiry, e-mail address, etc.) filled in on this site will not be used for direct marketing or follow-up, or will not be disclosed, sold or lent to a third party other than Sanritsu Chemicals Co., Ltd. If disclosure is required under any law or ordinance or by any public agency such as a court or police, the personal information may be disclosed without your consent.

3. It should be noted that statistical information that does not identify any individuals or companies (geographical location, line of corporate business, inquiry item, etc.) may be used freely and disclosed to a third party.

4. If a customer under age 16 provides personal information on this site, it should be provided with consent of his/her guardian.

5. It is your option to provide your personal information through this site. However, if the customer fails to provide necessary information on the customer, we may not meet the customer's desire.

Personal Information Protection Policy

We promote the following efforts with respect to protection of information that can identify individuals who are customers (hereinafter referred to as "personal information").

1. We comply with related laws and ordinances for protection of personal information and other standards.

2. When we collect or receive personal information for implementation of businesses, such personal information is collected or received as far as it is required, after communicating the purpose and with the customer's consent.

3. When collected information is provided or announced external by the implementation business, we do so as far as it is required after communicating the purpose and with the customer's consent, and we never provide or announce personal information externally beyond the purpose unless it is required by the law or a legally binding order, etc.

4. We take necessary measures to prevent personal information from being divulged, lost or damaged and for proper control of other personal information. We also make an effort to prevent unauthorized access, by a person other than related personnel, to the personal information storage system and data.

5. When we outsource the business of handling personal information, matters concerning the handling of personal information including prohibition of subcontracting or provision to a third party and prohibition of unintended use will be defined in a written contract, etc. to perform necessary control.

6. We will appoint a responsible person to ensure that personal information is properly controlled in the business performed, and take necessary measures including educational activities toward our officers and all employees.

7. If a customer requests that the intended use of the personal information provided be notified, that the personal information be disclosed, corrected or deleted or that the use be suspended, we will respond where reasonably appropriate.

8. Our initiative toward protection of personal information will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and improved where necessary.

Method of request for notification of the intended use of personal information/correction to personal information

If a user requests that the personal information of the user be disclosed, corrected, added or deleted, we will promptly respond to such request where reasonably appropriate when the user informs us via the mail form.