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Devices and jigs-related


  • Impression Inspection Device (AOI)

    This is a device to conduct impression inspection, inspection for foreign matter scars and displacement inspection on COG and FOG mounted devices against liquid crystal panels. Conditions of all terminals are imported into images and automatically inspected by a high definition line sensor. We also propose COG and FOG mounted devices.

  • Oriented Film Application System

    A-level application is possible with flexo printing. It is a thin film application system for the oriented film molding process. APEL (APR Board)

  • Glass Processing Devices

    Various types of devices are lined up for high precision surface polishing, side polishing, perforated machining and deforming.

  • Polarizer Application Device

    An automatic device applying polarizers on both sides of a large panel such as television. It can handle sizes up to 115 inches and size can be switched in 5 minutes. We also respond to a wide variety of products in small quantities. We can also provide an automatic device applying polarizers to small-sized liquid crystal panels such as smart phones and tablets at a high speed with a high degree of accuracy.

  • DISK Polishing and Cleaning Device

    It has become possible to polish the surface of liquid crystal panels by rotating the disk sheet and mechanistically applying pressure directly. The state-of-art cleaning technology, etc. including a slit nozzle are introduced to achieve high levels of removal of foreign matter and cleaning performance and shorten the takt time. In-line with a polarizer application device can provide a high level of yield performance.

  • Vacuum Defoaming and Filling Machines

    ■Vacuum agitating and defoaming mixer
    Loaded with a rotating/orbital independent variable-speed mechanism, the device defoams and uniformly disperses various types of materials
    ■Vacuum syringe filling machine
    It performs high-density filling into multiple syringes in vacuum without incorporation of bubbles
    A combination of these two products is referred to as Mobius System, best suited for agitation and defoaming of a seal material for liquid crystal panels and for filling syringes

  • Carrier Device-related

    An optimum carrier device for any of various work shapes can be designed and manufactured.

  • Application Device

    This is a device applying an optimum amount of resin to the prescribed positions of a liquid crystal panel, etc. in a steady manner. It is possible to respond to a large size.

  • Wet Cleaner

    Utilizing the cutting-edge ultrasonic cleaning technology and a wide variety of cleaning equipment, we make a commitment that we will improve the customer's yield and enhance its quality.

  • Dry Cleaner

    It is a dry device cleaning foreign matter such as dust. It is best suited for processes in which wet cleaning is not appropriate. (Experience in toilet, etc.)

  • Used Devices

    We propose diversified used devices such as semiconductor device, liquid crystal device, board implementation and others.

Jigs and Fabricated Products

  • Cassette for Liquid Crystal Manufacturing Process

    It is a cassette corresponding to each substrate size. Using a resin material in the contact part with substrates, the device has low dust generating performance, high mechanical strength and excellent dimensional stability. Transport, chemical solution, calcination, etc. We provide a cassette tailored to the customer's line configuration.

  • Foaming Box

    The PP foaming and molding soft box is light in weight, flexible and is suitable for a circulate box of glass substrates because of its excellent shock absorption and durability. It is designed to correspond to an automatic substrate discharging machine, and we can product an antistatic type. Some foaming boxes can handle 0.4-mm/0.5-mm glass substrates depending on their type.

  • Wafer Carrier

    We provide this product in various sizes according to the customer's uses (in-process control, in-process transport, shipping, diversion to a device) as semiconductor wafer uses.

  • Various Rubber Products

    They are used in all sorts of industrial areas including automobiles, electric appliances, industrial materials, civil engineering and construction. Examples of uses are versatile, including rubber ducts, rubber packing, buffer materials and rubber plugs.

  • Various Metallic Processed Products

    A challenging processed product will be put into shape based on our processing technologies so far acquired. We will provide you with solid goods.

  • Various Resin Processed Products

    Various belts and hoses used in various machines and products as well as industrial rubber products, synthetic resin materials and processed products, civil engineering, agricultural and safety supplies are covered. We have maintained high quality, secured diversified product items and established a speedy shipping system.

  • Carrier Jigs for Transport

    SUS processed products, aluminum processed products, etched products, cut and processed products, etc. are available in various types for process transport carrier jigs for electronic components, semiconductors, liquid crystal, etc.