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Electronic component-related


  • Printed-wiring Boards/FPC

    We can handle a wide range of boards from one-sided and two-sided substrates to thin and multi-layered substrates according to you request. We are ready for all sorts of production from trial production to mass production from domestic and overseas manufacturers.

  • ACF

    An adhesive dispersed with conducting particles allows for a packaged connection of numerous electrodes. It is a connecting material for high-definition implementation as a connector substitution or solder substitution.
    Image provided by Showa Denko Materials Co.,Ltd

  • Solder

    Environmental friendly Pb-free solder is handled. Solder paste, wire solder, solder ball, etc.

  • Speakers

    Various types of speakers are lined up for crime prevention buzzers, security alarms, electric appliances, game machines, etc.

  • Functional Tape

    We propose heat-resistant tape, masking tape, Pi tape, electromagnetic shielding tape, etc. in response to your request.


  • Polishing Materials

    We respond to diversified needs for polishing in general from polishing of automobiles, furniture, music instruments and electric appliances to the hard-to-cut material polishing field such as new ceramics and titanium alloy.