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Environment and energy-saving-related

Energy Saving

  • Nano ceramic separation technology

    The new separation technology which controlled the nano pore diameter precisely.
    The ceramic porous materials which can excel the durability, the nanoparticle which is the fixed size as a substrate body, multiple, I'm making them laminate it.
    This technology is separate by the size of the molecule and the difference in the chemical compatibility.High energy savings can be expected compared to distillation separation.
    The hotness for which application is difficult and use at the agent existence bottom are expected by conventional polymeric membrane.

  • LED Lighting

    We make a comprehensive proposal by combining products from plural domestic and overseas LED manufacturers to meet the use. We also undertake installation work. *With your consultation, we will produce a customized product.

  • Special Lighting (Electrodeless lighting/explosion-proof LED/CCFL lighting)

    “Electrodeless lighting” is illumination of the soft light which has no Glare .
    A leading “explosion-proof LED light”in the industry
    Three band light close to natural light “CCFL light”

  • Heat Shield Paint

    It is "highly durable thick membrane color roof paint" with the energy saving effect from heat shield and long-term anticorrosion property. The membrane is excellent in antifouling property and waterproof treatment can be provided upon consultation.

  • Solar Cell

    We propose solar panels tailored to the customer desired style from small to large sized power generation.

  • PVC Coat (PV Hydrocoat)

    It becomes hydrophilic when applied to solar panel and flushes down stains with rainwater. With its antistatic function it prevents stains from attaching during dry periods. With its increased transmittance, the power generation amount increases.

  • Iron Remover

    It removes iron powder attached to solar panels. It does not affect the solar panels but removes only iron powder efficiently.


  • Plasma Cluster Ion Generator/PCI

    Professional "Plasma Cluster Air Cleaner" (floor-standing and wall mounted types)
    We make an installation plan for air cleaning and removal of odors in a spacious area such as an office, conference room and hall. There is also a maintenance plan.

  • SaniCom Sterilization System

    An innovative "sterilization system" killing bacteria and sterilizing in space
    With the ultrafine particle small-volume spray (ULV) function, 10-μm ultrafine particles are produced. It is also effective in sterilization and removal odors of viruses and fungi in addition to food poisoning microorganisms.

  • Sterilization Filters

    This is a product that fabricates Grafighter, a non-eluting inorganic silver antibacterial agent into a filter
    Silver ion elution into water is in an extremely small amount and the product is used in plant factories.

  • Power Water S-126EX

    Sterilization capability of 100% alkali electrolysis water is mixed under patent with a naturally derived ingredient, GSE (grapefruit seed extract). The product strongly cleans and sterilizes protein and botanical stains without damaging the material. It is chlorine-free and can be used in metals.


  • Lead Battery

    Industrial "Lead Battery"
    We have a wide range of products for forklift, UPS and electricity storage system.
    Image provided by Showa Denko Materials Co.,Ltd